PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Syllabus : The objective of the course is to facilitate understanding of the conceptual framework of and identifies the essential elements for effective marketing practice.

  • Block-1 Marketing Organisation and Marketing Research
    • Unit-1 Marketing- An Introduction, Concept, Mix
    • Unit-2 Marketing-Process and Functions
    • Unit-3 Marketing Environment
    • Unit-4 Marketing Organization
    • Unit-5 Marketing Information System and Marketing Research
  • Block-2 Consumer Behaviour and Product Life Cycle
    • Unit-6 Consumer Behaviour
    • Unit-7 Market Segmentation
    • Unit-8 Positioning
    • Unit-9 Product- An Introduction and Classification
    • Unit-10 Product Life Cycle and Competitive Strategies
  • Block-3 Product Mix Strategies and Price Strategies
    • Unit-11 Product Line and Product Mix Strategies
    • Unit-12 Branding, Packaging and Labelling
    • Unit-13 Price-Planning, Policies and Strategies
    • Unit-14 Distribution Channel Planning
  • Block-4 Sales Promotion Programme and Advertisement
    • Unit-15 Sales Promotion Programme
    • Unit-16 Advertising
    • Unit-17 Personal Selling Decision and Publicity
    • Unit-18 International Marketing

Suggested Readings for : PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING

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  2. Ramaswamy and Nam Kumar, S., (2009), Marketing Management Global Perspective: Indian Context, McMillan, Delhi.
  3. Saxena, Rajan, (2008), Marketing Management, 3rd edition, McGraw Hill Education.
  4. Kumar, Arun and Meenakshi, N., (2009), Marketing Management, Vikas Publishing House.

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